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  • We are respectful and we treat each other as we would like to be treated.

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  • We are hardworking and we take pride in our work.

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  • We are resilient and we say we can!

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  • We are independent and we aim to succeed

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Welcome to Moorfield Community Primary School

Moorfield Community Primary School is a friendly and caring school where the children are kind, happy and hard working. We have an extremely dedicated staff team who work hard to ensure we provide world class learning opportunities to the children of Irlam. We are strongly committed to developing children academically, emotionally and socially. Our expectations here are high, both in learning and behaviour. 

I am passionate about ensuring that the children at Moorfield have access to the very best learning opportunities. We want our children to have a thirst for learning and become well rounded citizens of the future.

Please make an appointment to visit us at any time. You’ll quickly get a sense of our values and hopes for every child.

We look forward to welcoming your family to Moorfield Community Primary School.

Mr Nightingale


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News items from school and our weekly 'Talk' question

Seesaw - Learning At Home

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Talk and current affairs
This week's question
(1.3.21)  - 

Should we choose products based on their packaging?

What's the story?

The Coca-Cola company is testing a new paper bottle as part of a long-term strategy to remove plastic from its packaging. The sample bottle is made by a Danish company from an extra-strong paper shell that still contains a thin plastic liner. The overall ambition is to create a 100% recyclable, plastic-free bottle capable of preventing gas escaping from carbonated drinks.

Things to talk about at home…

  • Can you make a list of different objects/food that have packaging? What was the packaging
    made of? What did you do with the packaging?
  • Can you think of different reasons why we have packaging?
  • Would the type of packaging a product is in impact on your decision to buy the product? Why?

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