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Year 3


Welcome to Maple Class!


Autumn Term brought plenty of success for our Year 3 Maple class, we enjoyed a wide variety of Topics including: Athletes from the past, Magnets and Forces, Light and Crime and Punishment.  Crime and Punishment was certainly a popular topic amongst Maple class who seemed to enjoy the more 'gruesome' punishments that they encountered.


Spring One – What’s in store?

 Independence continues to be the key, your child should now:

  • Line up in the mornings on their own. PLEASE support us with this and stand behind the lines or feel free to head off to your busy days.
  • Be responsible for bringing their book bag to school every day. This also applies to other necessary equipment e.g. glasses, dinner money and letter replies.
  • Tie their own shoe laces.
  • Undress and dress themselves for PE lessons.

We are continuing with our work on developing concentration, focus and attention by ‘Sitting Still Like a Frog’ – PLEASE ask your child about this. The ideas used during this time can be used anywhere and for a range of reasons e.g. to help with getting to sleep at night, to calm down BEFORE or after falling out with brothers or sisters and during times when your child is bubbling over with excitement!



Maple Class are expected to read, ideally on a daily basis!!!  Recent research suggests that reading for just SIX minutes per day can reduce anxiety and stress by up to 68% and support the development of concentration.

Start a family 6 Minute Reading Club and all enjoy the benefits that reading can bring.

Learning times tables on a daily basis.



We will be initially focusing on Folk Tales and creating twists to Traditional Tales.  Whilst developing our sentence structures, word choices and the ability to edit and improve our own writing; within class we refer to this as being 'The First Marker'.


We need to continue our focus on learning x3, x4 and x8 tables and now start ensuring we have our knowledge of their associated division facts. We will also work on developing knowledge of fractions and measures.


Our work on ‘Rocks’ will see us exploring different types of rocks, fossils, bones and Mary Anning the fossil hunter.  We also have a visitor coming into school during the half term to support us with our Science explorations.


This half term Maple class will be investigating ‘Extreme Earth’ we will be looking at the formation of volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis.


Our PE day is Tuesday, please ensure your child has their kit in school on this day – labelled with names.



Your support is greatly appreciated.


If you have any questions, please ask.


Thanks Miss Steele


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